Creatively using FX and loops, singer-songwriter JPAGE offers an original take on popular songs from the sixties through to the present day.


After a brief performance of his then favourite Christmas song ‘Walking in the Air’ on ITV News, at the age of five, JPAGE was strongly encouraged to pursue music by his mother. However, it wasn’t until his final year of college, when he found a relic of an acoustic guitar on top of his fathers wardrobe, that something finally clicked. JPAGE spent the next few years developing his craft and writing songs under the influence of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Paolo Nutini and Daniel Bedingfield.


When encouraged by friends to start posting videos and recordings online, JPAGE did so with reluctance. Unexpectedly, his confidence quickly grew as a single video reached over 35,000 views inside three months and his fanbase rocketed up past the 8,000 figure. It was at this point that he felt able to start performing live. Since then, JPAGE has developed a passionate approach to performances, impressing audiences with his original sound in venues such as the Customs House, 02 Academy and Ripon Cathedral. Using a pedal board more sophisticated than Batman’s utility belt, he now applies live vocal effects and loops to create a lively and immersive soundscape.


JPAGE (Solo Act) - Guitar | Vocals | Looper


South Shields



Upcoming Gigs:

Friday 13th December 2019 - King's Prosecco Lounge, Cleadon