Terms And Conditions

Information for performing artists.


Arrival Times / Load Ins


Musicians and Bands are expected to be on site, arriving, setting up and sound checking

in good time to be able to perform, please allow 90 mins before your stage time to be in

the venue.




As a rule; Original Nights - A PA, Engineer and Basic Drum Kit will be supplied so all bands

are required to bring are 'Drum Breakables, Amps (inc Cabs if used) and Intruments they

need to perfrom their set. DON'T ARRIVE EXPECTING TO USE OTHER BANDS GEAR, Make

arrangements before hand. (Same Applies for SHOWCASE NIGHTS).


Cover Bands / Musicians - Unless otherwise agreed, you are responsible for providing top

quality sound and light systems, insured and PAT Tested equipment and carry your own

Public Liability Insurance to perform. If you need help and advise on thes please email me



How to get started with Insangel.


Insangel is a LIVE MUSIC business, therefore before we can start looking at bookings, it's a

mandatory requirement the band takes part in an initial showcase night, currenty held on a

Wednesday night at Legacy in Sunderland.  Unfortunately it's impossible to gaige the quality

of the band through mobile phone, youtube footage.  High Quality Recodings are very regularly

tampered with and not representative of what the band are about.  Once showcased we can

look at the regular bookings in for Insangel's client venues.