The Wedding Band

So it's live music you want at your private celebration , but there's one song you want to hear and you can't find the band to do it . Maybe you first kissed to the sound of Marvin Gaye or even Take That ! maybe it's a type of band that you need to bring back memories of your 90's youth or one to satisfy your 80's cravings... brings you the answer........ we provide the musicians . you design the band.

Your wedding band will be consist of whoever it takes to make up the band that you need to play your unique choice of songs. For instance ,if you want your wedding band to play the soul classics from Marvin Gaye and friends, we would provide drums, bass, guitar, brass and of course a soulful male vocalist.

To put it simply, you list the songs and we will provide you with all of the required musicians it takes to make up the line up that you need to play on your special day.

The wedding band is the UK's first self-assembly band! you make your choice of songs and it will be performed by a team of professional musicians capable of performing to the highest of standards and strictest of criteria.

We promise an hour or more of the finest entertainment from the 50's to the new millennium, rock, pop, soul, disco or any combination that you choose. This is the ultimate personal seal on your special day, you choose what the band wears, you what choose the band play and you can even rename them!

It's your day, it's your wedding band . See how the wedding band can put the icing on your cake on your special day. We will provide you with a free no obligation quote for any of the services that we have mentioned.

Insangel aims to return all e-mailed quotes within 24 hrs of receipt. Insangel can also take care of your disco needs with or without Karaoke, Specialist Entertainment, (Kid’s Entertainment, String Quartets, Master Of Ceremonies, Tribute Bands and various solo musicians and entertainers).

All we need from you is the following information;

*The date and adress of your event -
*A list of songs you would like the band to play -
(As a general rule the wedding band performs 2 x 45 minute sets. Do not worry if you cannot name all of
chosen songs just yet , at this stage it is more important just to know what kind of musicians we are going
to need for your event, usually 12 songs a set.. but the band will know enough classics / standards to fill out
the set if you haven’t quite got that many in mind)
*Details of the extra service you would like -
(Disco / Karaoke / Other Music?)
* Your preffered contact details.

for all enquiries email